General Structure


External libraries:

  • parts of the C++ Boost libraries are used to provide various functionality, like timing and metaprogramming. The source for the 1.54.0 release is shipped with the module’s source code. Some of the libraries used need to be compiled. Boost is released under the terms of the Boost Software License, v1.0 (see also We encourage the use of Boost whenever some functionality has already been coded within those libraries. However, consider carefully the introduction of functionality depending on compiler Boost libraries.
  • the Eigen template library for linear algebra. Almost every operation involving matrices and vectors is performed through Eigen. Eigen provides convenient type definitions for vectors and matrices (of arbitrary dimensions) and the corresponding operations. Have a look here for a quick reference guide to the API and at the getting started guide to get started. Eigen is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v2.0
  • the Getkw library by Jonas Juselius is used to manage input. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, v2.0
  • the libtaylor library implementing automatic differentiation and available under the terms of the MIT License.

Third-party code snippets:

  • Fortran subroutines dsyevv3, dsyevh3, dsyevj3 for the diagonalization of 3x3 Hermitian matrices. These subroutines were copied verbatim from the source code provided by Joachim Kopp and described in [Kop08] (also available on the arXiv) The diagonalization subroutines are made available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, v2.1
  • C++ cnpy library for saving arrays in C++ into Numpy arrays. The library is from Carl Rogers under the terms of the MIT License. The version in PCMSolver is slightly different.